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LUMI – Photography you can touch

This is awesome. I remember doing cynotypes at tech but this is sooooooo much more. Potential+

I have kind of just stalked the mastermind Jesse Genet after seeing her on this video. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. (sori jesse) SO sweet how she says she just happened to stubble across an old bottle of processing liquid. Its all ment to be. Finding niche stories are my favourite.

Keen to incorporate this technology somehow into the dolls. Kids can have their own faced dolls?? weird? I’ll continue with the sharpies for now but love love love this. Could work well with the using old kids clothing memorial dollness. hmmmm Just made a deal with J that first the Lilypad needs to be incorporated.

If anyone wants to send me doll face doodles feel free.


Heres more stuff:

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