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Popping Imminent

EEEEEEEk  so we just found out the a fellow belly due on the same day (the 24th) has popped, fabulous, I however have the feeling that froggy is still a wee way away, at least waiting til abuela de nueva zelandia arrives! We will see.

So after has been sitting for more then quite some time it is a moment of upheaval and thus without excuses i will begin. en fin!

Popping in Chile has been a challenging thing to organize, we have found a fantastic solution and I am without a doubt that all will go superbly, there is no need to worry millions have passed through this process and millions more will. Vamos entonces. Oh a little pain never hurt anyone! Ha just wait til post popping i hear you say!

What a wonderful system we have in NZ, straight forward and open minded and the bonus of being government funded! I am talking of course about the birthing system. With out being aware of another way I am sure that yet again many a kiwi does not realize just how lucky we are.

Thanks Fred, just to reiterate!

we dont know how lucky we are

Firstly if you have not ventured into this wholesome experience in NZ, it is very straight forward, although it was a bit of a mission finding a midwife as I found out around August last year due to the fact that NZ has the highest birthrate in 44 years, since the baby boomer days. Everyone is popping! This was tricky but not impossible and I found a lovely midwife, Louise Lucas at The Midwives in Green Bay. As would be expected mum and baby health and safety, wants and needs come at top priority. I will venture into the madness of Chile presently.

The kiwi system allows for you to give birth in any manner you so desire, tailored to your needs, if for example you feel best in your home environment with the love and support of family and friends then so be it, if you have a low risk pregnancy then there is no reason why your wish should not be granted. You may also if you prefer set up a pool and bring your water babe into the world with out a whistle or a squeak from shocked family members. Or if you prefer the apparent safety of a clinic or hospital then again your wishes will be granted and the best possible method for you is available.  Basically what i am saying is that what ever your beliefs about the birthing process, all methods are available, and in my observation  the powers that be respect and endeavor to provide the best possible entrance for new kiwis into the world. BLESS

Now newly impregnated we were planning a trip to Chile to visit la familia catemito. J’s dad had not been in good health so we took 5 weeks and with the wonders of Chile in spring at the other end we zoomed across the pacific on quite possibly the worst flight ever arriving wreaked and weary. This was september.

I had started reading about birthing in Chile and to be honest got a wee bit scared. One of the highest C section rates in the world is not very comforting at all. Something like 60%. So i read forums and tired to find out as much as possible as returning to Chile was one of the options we were look at before the Frog made an appearance. I found a midwife from the states who had just moved to Chile with her Chilean husband who I met up with and discussed the differences and my worries and we promised to keep in touch. Not practicing at the time she has recently delivered her first Chilean Babe.

After returning to NZ and the realization that the wee house on the farm in Chile was a much more enlightened place to bring Froggy into the world then suburban Auckland we decided in January that we would make the move and come mid Feb we were here!

We had our first appointment with a obstetrician in one clinic who seemed nice enough but very straight forward, then after our second visit we were both very iffy on him and hearing the price of this particular clinic we perused other avenues.  3-4 million pesos = 9 – 13000 NZD

Venturing into one of the biggest and most expensive clinics in Chile we had been informed of the possibility of a form of insurance as we both have none! Ahhhhhh  Being told yes then no then maybe then no then hmmmm. This seems to be the way or the way around coming to conclusions in this country. Before leaving NZ I had had a chat with my aunty Judi who is a midwife, and asked what are the most important things to think about. She said find yourself a midwife as they will be far more attuned to your needs.

A tip from a good friend in the south headed us in the right direction. She had chosen to be at home for her second wonder after having a not so happy first birth in Santiago. At home in a big wooden tub in the forest far from help, with her German strength behind her she succeeded, this is however highly frowned upon in Chile. She passed on the contact of a home birth midwife here in Santiago she knew off and J and I went to meet her. Meeting Marta I immediately felt a huge sense of relief. Discussing all the options and living a mere 100 metres from J’s family we decided that a home birth was not the best option this time. Taking into consideration family beliefs and the stress that would be created we sought out a clinic in the city and found a lovely german lady doctor to accompany us on the journey also.

And of course all this was done with about a month to go! She’ll be right mate. I must admit to having being blessed with having the most incredibly mellow pregnancy.

Now back to the large expensive clinic,  we have just in the last few weeks had some friends move here from the UK, she is due to pop in about two months. More team members. Yippee. She went and spoke thoroughly to a lady at this clinic who explained to her the process that is the norm. More then likely you will be induced dependent on when the doctor is playing golf. (yes I am being slightly facetious) Apparently there are tests you can do that let you know the perfect time for the babe to come out, (is that not natures job) then of course you are given an epidural, why on earth would you go through that pain???? Also would you like a c section??? Post babe is the whisked away for approx 2 hours for tests. You need to recover. Bonding……whats that?  Natural birth….why???? Babe is then left to hang with all the other babes for the next 3 days while you “recover”. I am left wondering what effect this has on society as a whole. What percentage of Chile is actually effected by this I don’t know exactly but for this to be considered the norm by doctors in one of best clinics in Chile is to me very scary.

The World Health Organization states the importance of skin to skin contact and bonding after birth leading to breast feeding success which is with out a doubt the best start for your babe. Am i crazy for believing this!

This is another topic which I’m sure to get into later as the experience of learning to breastfeed is upon me. This week or next?

Are you ready FROG! lets go